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Sacred services available in North Carolina
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Soundings with Devan
Empowering, insightful & always an experience!

Devan is a Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Inter-dimensional Communicator and Creator of Soundings. The specially sequenced vibrations of Musical/Meditations become a catalyst that promotes growth and healing during Soundings. Following direction from your ORIGINality, deep changes are made that can transform your life. Allow yourself to go deep and open to new possibilities! Go to to learn more about her work.
  Your Source
            Hand Drums
Our vision at Rhythm House Drums is to provide a gateway into a community that has inspired us to be who we are. We believe that information and knowledge should be shared so that we can grow as a society. Of course our specialty is hand drums, particularly those from West Africa such as the djembe, which are the very ones that awakened us to the beauty of drumming. We build and import top quality hand drums, from dununs to djembes to ashikos and even native american styled powwow drums. Each drum is built by hand, wether imported or built in house, and is carefully treated as well as respected while being constructed. Rhythm House Drums offers a lot of custom options for your hand drum. Custom is what we do, so please contact us if you are looking for something specific or something away from the mainstream. We love our drums and know you will as well!

David M. Fox
Massage Therapist

I am a North Carolina Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist.  Massage is not just my livelihood but my Life!  I truly love to massage and to get others completely relaxed and feeling rejunivated.  To me, massage is an artform and your body is a canvas that I get to create my art on.  If you are tired of the same old "cookie cutter" massages then you will fall in love with mine!  With me, it's not just a massage - it's an experience!!!  Massage lengths are between 1 and 3 hours.

Most people say that they have NEVER been touched before the way that I touch them.  All I can say to that is it's a gift!  When I am working on somebody I like to minister to them on several levels and not just just on the physical plane.  I like to touch and heal on the spiritual, emotional, mental and soul level, while putting them in a deep state of relaxation that most haven't experienced before.
I like to use an extremely intuitive touch that is nurturing and pampering at the same time.  When you are on the table you are there to be spoiled in a theraputic manner.
I'm a very laid back guy that you will find easy to relax around.  I'm told my touch is very soothing and sensual at the same time.
Feel free to check out my Web site and let me know if you have any questions!

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Sacred services available Around the World
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Direct from County Cork, Ireland:
Terri Blanche ~ The Celtic Oracle
Terri's intuitive readings have been described as lyrical, full of the most necessary information, and life changing. A true call to adventure. Speaking from her Celtic roots, as well as accessing the divine through the Tarot and astrological information, she will bring you perspective and a bit of Irish Humor. One hour taped reading; one and a half hour readings with astrological information. Consultations in person or by phone.Email Terri for more information at or call: Tel: +353-(0)29-50836; Mob: +353-(0)87-985-1921.

This is Steve Rother's Website. He channels The Group. Fabulous information, private sessions and great experiential seminars!

Isaac George and Archangel Ariel
Isaac channels the Archangels Ariel and Michael, the Ascended Masters Jesus and St. Germain, and travels wherever Spirit directs to offer discourses on personal and planetary empowerment and unconditional love. He also facilitates a transformational, spiritual technology entitled “Mystery School for the New Millennium”, and is working on two books for publication. He is also a gifted musician and his intuitive guitar and keyboard stylings are both healing and inspiring. Isaac periodically facilitates events and private sessions on Whidbey Island .
Jo Dunning
A most unusual spiritual teacher and healer. She is wise, insightful, funny and compassionate. She travels the country sharing her gifts. Her greatest gift, is the ability to expand consciousness and dramatically accelerate spiritual growth. After working with Jo, many people experience profound physical healing. Others find that they are finally free from the painful emotions of past traumas and abuse. Above all else, Jo's work focuses on sharing the insights she has discovered and empowering each person on their own spiritual path.
Claire Heartsong
Anna, Grandmother of Jesus
& The Hathors

The Anna Rose Wisdom Teachings of the Feminine Christ

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Sacred services available in Washington State
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Centralia Fur and Hide
We are one of the largest suppliers of rawhide, drum, and leather, and Native American supplies. We take pride in the complete satisfaction of our customers. We are honored to be able to respect the spirits of the plants and animals who give themselves and continue their life as healing tools for us. We offer these tools for spiritual expression, to be in balance with mother earth and one's self.
Quil Ceda Tanning Company
3922-88th N.E.
Marysville, WA.
Tanning, leather, fur pelts, pre-made leather clothing and accessories, saddles, rawhide, drum frames and more.
  “These are some of the best, most reasonably priced drum bags we have ever seen!”
~Devan & Dave

Cedar Mountain Drums
Protect your precious drum. These bags are custom made exclusively for us of water repellent nylon fabric. These padded bags will help your drum live a long and happy life.
Front pocket and zipper. Washable.
Alternative Healing Sources
Alternative Healing Source @ Llynya's 1679 E. Main, Freeland WA
Phone: 360-331-3696
A community of healers working together to bring harmony to the planet and her children. Click on the picture to see events and services available at Llynya's this month.

Brighid Rowan - Tarot Readings
I have been reading Tarot and teaching classes for over fifteen years.  My readings assist the client in getting clear practical answers so they can make the best possible choices for their lives. I consider myself to be a spiritual mid-wife as most of my clients seek me out when they are in the middle of a transition. I also am able to help my clients uncover their spiritual gifts and realize their full potential.  I recently completed my Earth Religions training in Massachusetts and hold the title of High Priestess in the Chalice Well Tradition. I am available for private and public ritual. Private and group Tarot classes are offered for the beginner as well as the advanced student. I have a BA in Biblical studies and Creative Writing. Recently I connected with a teacher in Toronto, Canada who practices Shakti Wicca. This is a unique blending of Eastern practices with Western. I am exploring this rich path for myself and would like to teach some classes in the future. I may be contacted at or at home 360-341-1017. I read at Llynya's in Freeland Washington Tuesdays and most Saturdays.

Zibu: Language of Angelic Symbols
Debbie Zylstra Almstedt
Angel Communicator & Creator of Sacred Art

Nancy Robert
Psychic Readings & Energy Healings

Astrology/Numerology - Cartography for the Soul
Dear Ones: I think it is important to have an understanding of the essence of your soul as seen through astrology and numerology. A personal reading can help reveal the magnificen t person that you are. Start by getting a reading of your birth c hart. This will take about two hours of one on one interaction . Then follow up with a yearly update to find out what the heavens are doing to prompt you to evolve and grow. The readings can be done over the phone or in person and are taped.
Aqua-Chi Footbath & Wellness Services
     In each private session I hold the intent and space for your own Soul's Wisdom and Remembrance to be present with you . The energy created by the Aqua-Chi is drawn into your body through your feet and is utilized at the cellular level to assist in releasing toxins back into the water of the footbath. Each session is complimented with meditation and a foot massage.
Elke Siller Macartney
is a seer, inspirational teacher, and modern-day shaman who offers her services to the planet with warmth, humor and a few surprises. As a seer of the auras (a.k.a. energy fields) around all living Beings, Elke has an "inside look" into the workings of our planetary family.
Elke periodically facilitates events & private sessions on Whidbey.
Patti Feavel
I've been doing psychic readings for 12 years. I offer in-person and telephone readings. I am the featured reader at various healing centers and book stores. Patti is available for readings at Llynya's on Whidbey Island periodically.
Living by Heart with Alan Bolen
Resources for personal and planetary growth. The site features a variety of inspirational messages, information about metaphysical parties, suggested reading, and opportunities to take online action as well as workshops for personal and planetary growth.
Steve Schiffman Chiropractic
Pain free living… Your Goal, Our Mission
We provide a serene and spiritual environment where you can seek relief from physical ailments and learn how to reach your optimum health.
31780 SR 20, Suite 20, Oak Harbor, WA
Phone: (360) 279-8900 Fax: (360) 279-8033
Sound Massage with Barb Nichols
Blends Lomi Lomi, a deep yet gentle Hawaiian massage with a symphony of healing sounds and rhythms. Subtle sounds of frogs, ocean waves, a babbling brook harmonize with the mesmerizing tones of Tibetan Singing Bowls that are played directly on the body. A physical, vibrational experience -- an unforgettable, transforming journey within.
  Dancing Crane Healing Center
  Liz Walters
  Sound Healing, Acupuncture, Herbs
Animal Communicator - Private
Consultations and Workshops

Jacqueline Sowell is committed to promoting the health and well being of animals and those who love them.
(360) 331-3435

There are many gifted healers and happenings everyday at Mystik Moon. Check out their website to see what's available today. It's a wonderful portal of community.

Mystik Moon is located at 826-C Metcalf St.
Sedro-Woolley, WA
Phone: 360-855-2991

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