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Custom made Drums

Drums for Sale

Each of our drums is an intentional creation. After journeying to learn its medicine, we then ask to channel this energy as we make the drum in the physical. We include a pamphlet telling the tale of the medicine of the drum. A beater is always included.

When you receive our new drum we suggest that you, too, journey with your drum to see what medicine it holds for you. Is it a private drum or a public drum? Is there a message its voice wants to convey to you or others? Is there a certain Power Animal or Totem Being it exemplifies? What is its purpose and how does it relate to yours? How can it assist you on your path?

If you donít see the drum you want, we can create it for you! Just choose the type of hide and the size you desire.

Or you can create your own drum in one of our DrumMaking and Journeying Workshops!

Our drums are made from elk, horse, moose, deer, goat, steer, buffalo or bear hide. We make all of our drums with maple wood frames. The 10" drums are approximately 2" in depth and all others are approximately 278" in depth.

Shipping: Shipping within the United States is set at $20.00. International shipping will be calculated individually. Contact us so we can calculate your shipping cost. Unfortunately we are not able to ship to Australia due to import restrictions.

Drums made by Devan or Dave

10" Drums


We have many 10" Drums, mostly in goat hide. The pictures are of a typical Drum, but please remember all of our Drums are unique in appearance and voice. If you want a particular hide email us to see if we have a 10" Drum, in that hide, already made. Or you could just purchase a 10" Drum and we will send you a unique Drum, with it's own personal medicine, of our choice.


13" Drums

The Sweet Love Drum
13" Elk

Hear my voice. I am the sweetness of love. The kind of love you feel from the smell of a freshly bathed baby, the Spring breeze across the lilacs or the warmth and smell of a sun-kissed day by the sea. Rejoice in the moments of sweet love. ~JoyBringer


The Little Angel Drum
13" Goat

Sweet as can be! And powerful! My golden light enhances each one who experiences it. The vibration entrains the listener to a higher level of being. ~ JoyBringer

The Magic Drum
13" Buffalo

If you do not believe in magic, your life will not be magical. Magic is part of the unknowable. It cannot be described, but exists and makes your life extraordinary. Don't over think it. Don't try to name it. Don't try to hold it. Just open to receive. ~ JoyBringer


The Liquid Golden / White Light Drum
13" Goat

Listen to the harmonizing vibration of my voice. It is the vibration of the Liquid Golden/White Light of the Central Sun. Allow this light to enter through your crown and weave its way through your body. Allow it to quicken your personal vibration in preparation for the upcoming full In-Light-In-Me(nt).   
~ JoyBringer


15" Drums

The Harmony Drum
15" Buffalo

Humans impact everything on this planet, including Mother Earth herself. Will your impact be positive or negative? Not only do we impact things physically, but we influence things through our mass consciousness thinking. My voice helps you and all who feel my vibration to think and act in a more harmonious manner. I ask you to not seek dominion, but rather to become a loving caregiver to Mother Earth and all her children.
~ JoyBringer


The Water Drum
15" Deer

Water can be gentle... cleansing... nurturing... forceful... destructive... unpredictable.... Yet it always follows the course of least resistance. My voice sings all the qualities of water. You can learn more about yourself by investigating how these qualities work through you. ~JoyBringer


18" Drums

The Total Abundance Drum
18" Buffalo

Abundance is a word that most people associate with money or possessions. My voice is the song of TOTAL abundance. Not just material, but mental, emotional and spiritual. I can help you to know that all is exactly as it should be. You are in the right place at the right time. You are never given a challenge too great to handle. TOTAL Abundance allow's you to be open to your destiny.
~ JoyBringer


The Dragon Drum
18" Moose

The Dragon person is self confident and impulsive and consequently does not always listen to the advice of others. He is also a perfectionist and he sets high standards for himself. Although strong and decisive the Dragon person is not manipulative or sly. He refuses to deceive or compromise and never fails to spot subversive intent. He enjoys being in command and like an emperor holding court he eliminates obstacles until success is his. ~ Two Feathers


20" Drums

At the moment we don't have any 20" drums up on the web. We do have some already made and we would be glad to make one specifically for you. Send us an email and we will work with you on creating a drum for you.


Custom Made Drums

If you wish for us to custom create a drum for you the following are the types of hides and the various prices. Just pick a size and the type of hide, bear is not available at this time, and contact us and we will be glad to create a special drum just for you.

The drums pictured are only examples of types of hide we offer. Each hide is unique. Such as, we could receive three elk hides in a shipment and each will look different. So choose your hide knowing that it will be a one of a kind drum.

Elk hide

using Elk, Horse, Moose, Deer, Goat or Steer hide:
10" drum - $50
13" drum - $160
13" backbone drum - $185
15" drum - $185
15" backbone drum - $210
18" drum - $210
18" backbone drum - $235
20" drum - $260
20" backbone drum - $310

Steer hide

Buffalo hide with backbone

using Buffalo:
10" (when available) - $50
13"(when available) - $235
13" backbone drum - $260
15" drum - $260
15" backbone drum - $285
18" drum - $285
18" backbone drum - $310
20" drum - $335
20" backbone drum - $380

Bear hide

Prices for pre-made drums do not include shipping.

Completed Circle Drums

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