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Animal Medicine

May we give them a voice again.

We are asked often about the medicine or energy of the animals we use to create our drums. There are lots of great books out there and information on the internet that cover the energies of different animals, birds and reptiles. My favorites are Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews (Actually, he’s written quite a few.) and Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson. This book includes a deck of cards that you can use for various things, such as, finding your totem animals and different card spreads similar to using a tarot deck. I highly recommend either of these books if you are drawn to learning how the four leggeds, flying ones and creepy crawlies are giving us clues everyday in achieving our goal of Celestialization. Below is a short synopsis of the medicine of each animal we honor by using them in creating drums. I strongly suggest that you read the above books for a more comprehensive description.

Elk - Strength, Nobility & Stamina. Some lessons of elk medicine: learning how to set a pace so as not to burn out before you achieve your goal; honoring the company of your own gender or people of like-mind; if you have been feeling ill or tired, look into eating a more vegetarian diet; choosing experiences and people that energize you, rather than leave you feeling drained.

Moose - Self Esteem, Primal Feminine Energies & The Ability to Plunge The Depths. Moose takes great joy in shouting its accomplishments to the world. This is not in an egotistical or seeking approval way. Rather is allows other to lighten up and give themselves a well done for their accomplishments. Moose in turn know equally how to praise and encourage others. They know what to say, when to say it, and to whom. It is a medicine of great wisdom - a good teacher. Moose also can help you go deep into the depths of your emotions and surface with a new understanding and perspective that will nourish you. It makes you stronger by being able to go within and gain the knowledge you need to make true and lasting changes in your outer world. It is a great medicine to have for Soul Retrieval. Moose helps you to be in contact with the great feminine force and void from which all things are created. It helps you to explore new depths of awareness and sensitivity with in yourself and within your environment.

Horse - Power, Travel & Freedom. We have much to be thankful for to our four-legged friend, horse. Horse was the animal that helped man be able to see more of the world around him. Before horses were domesticated, man had a very small range. Plus, when we sit astride a horse we are higher up and gain a different perspective than we have on our own two feet - a “higher” perspective, so to speak. It opens a portal into other times and spaces. It allows you to see the bigger picture than what is directly in front of you. Horse teaches us to remember the whole journey and gain wisdom from it. It also teaches that the true pathway to power is attained by sharing the things you have learned along the way.

Deer - Gentleness & Innocence - Gentle Luring to New Adventure. Deer medicine asks us to be gentle with ourselves and other. It helps us look at life with a new innocence. It asks that you become like a child again - to see with new eyes and feel with a fresh heart. Deer medicine teaches us to not push so hard - to allow new opportunities to come into our lives by expressing an open heart and trusting love.

Domestic Goat - Surefootedness, Grounding, Seeing All As Divine, The Joy of Being in Body. The goat is often misunderstood and perceived as decadent, devious and distrustful. But this is not it’s true nature. Goat is another animal, like horse, that has served man for thousands of years and continues to do so now. Goat is actually in touch with the real world, and knows how to enjoy her lot in life. Those of us who are of a spiritual persuasion often lose touch with the physical world, and neglect or even negate the sacredness of the world around them. Goat medicine teaches us to celebrate and embrace the physical as part of the divine. Being in body is just as spiritual (if not more so) than spending your time trying to be somewhere else. Goat helps you embrace the goodness of life with joy and fun. Yet Goat can be head strong and stubborn which is not a bad thing when dealing predators and vampires. (You know what I mean - those people who want to steal your energy all the time!) But it is not all serious business! Goat is a joyful, playful, curious being who loves to investigate and learn. They play with their friends and explore the world around them. Hard work pays off, but goat can shoe us that without time to enjoy what we have earned, the effort is worthless - take time to embrace your successes! Goat shares with us a passion for the good things in life.

Buffalo (Bison) - Manifesting Abundance Through Right Action & Right Prayer (Intention). Buffalo medicine teaches us how to manifest abundance in all areas of our lives whether it be material, relational of well-being in any form. It teaches us how to work with the natural rhythm in a grounded manner. See Spirit in all things but learn how to use it in the physical. One of the great tenets of Buffalo teaches is always give thanks for what you already have been given. The quickest way to stop the flow of abundance is by failing to honor the which has already come to you.

Bear - Awakening the Power of the Unconscious, Introspection, Protection from Other Realms. Bear medicine helps you to go within and find the potentials inherent in this incarnation. It also allows you to see and use potentials and abilities from other incarnations and dimensions in order to evolve now. It also, like many of the animals we honor by giving them a voice again, asks that you use your abilities and strengths to “awaken” the world around you. It is no time to hibernate for long, come out and play! On a personal note, I (Devan) would like to tell you my experience with working with bear. I find the energy very protective and loving. It gives me the “warm fuzzies” inside. It seems to have open a portal to the Angelic and, what are considered, Extra Terrestrial Realms. The energy is always teaching me how to feel more secure in what I’m doing here and in other dimensions. It is a sense that everything is exactly as it “should” be in more than just words, but in a very grounded, physical way.

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